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Why Choose Pure Pawsitivity™️?

🐾 Puzzled by pet nutrition? You're not alone! Navigating the maze of meals for our furry friends can be ruff. Dive into a world where healthy meets tasty, and let's make mealtime the highlight of their day! 🍽️🐶🐱

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Frustrated With Pet nutrition?

Let's turn that around! With Pure Pawsitivity Pet Food Fixer, not only will your pet relish their meals, but they'll also get a power-packed punch of nutrients. Say goodbye to dull coats, low energy, and picky eaters!

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Handmade For All Pets!

Crafted by hand, fueled by heart! ❤️ At Pure Pawsitivity™️, we're head over paws about pet health! Try our Pet Food Fixer™️ and sprinkle some wellness into your pet's day. It's a love potion for your fur-baby's well-being! 🐾

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Easy To Use Daily!😋

Each day just sprinkle a carnival of flavors - human-grade, handcrafted, and oh-so-organic. 🌱 With zero nasties, let your pet feast on a flavor-packed ride, turbocharged with all-natural probiotics and mineral magic.

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“Let food be thy pet's medicine and medicine be thy pet's food”

– Hippocrates.

Pure Pawsitivity™️

Fresh Products!

Delight your furry friends with Pure Pawsitivity™️! 🐾 Crafting human-grade, handmade delights, we're all about organic goodness and zero nasties. NO preservatives, NO additives, NO artificial flavors - just pure, wholesome love in every bite. Let your pet savor the taste while soaking up a vitamin-packed feast. Because they deserve nothing but the best!" 💚

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What Our Customer Are Saying?

"Pure Pawsitivity Pet Food Fixer™️ is nothing short of a miracle! Our two beloved senior dogs, a 19-year-old Chihuahua and a 17-year-old Shih Tzu, had started slowing down considerably. They seemed to have lost that spark of youthful energy that we missed so much. But then, we discovered this incredible powder. Within just a few weeks of adding it to their diet, it was like we had our puppies back! They're running, playing, and bouncing around like they did in their prime. It's a heartwarming sight to see, and we owe it all to Pure Pawsitivity. Thank you for giving our babies a new lease on life!"

Laura V.

We loved trying your Pet Food Fixer™️ for our cat! We will for sure be customers for a long time. Our Maine Coon wouldn't eat the meat we would cook for him, but when we sprinkled your product on top it transformed our world and his health has been fantastic!

Bob & Angie

"My dog has really enjoyed this stuff and the benefits have been incredible! Buster’s anxiety has gone way down since we've been adding the Pet Food Fixer™️ to his food. He doesn’t pace when he eats, he just eats like a normal dog. Quite impressive."


I bought a jar from you at one of your shows a few weeks ago and wanted to tell you my German shepherd Molly loves it, her nose was turning from black to brown and now it’s turning back to black, so whatever is in that stuff is fixing her nose. Pure Pawsitivity Pet Food Fixer™️ is helping! Thank you! We WILL be buying more!

Cindy A.

Why Choose Pure Pawsitivity™️?

Veteran/Woman-Owned & Operated

From the battlefield to the world of furry friends, Pure Pawsitivity™️ stands tall as a Veteran/Woman-led venture! 🌟 Saluting the brave souls of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And to the heroes who gave it all, our hearts and paws are forever grateful. 🐾💚🙏