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Hello! Our names are Bobby and Edan Simon. We are a small veteran-owned, husband-and-wife-partnered business. We, Bobby and Edan (BE), came together in 2017 and started sharing our lives and shared passions. We quickly realized that our lives had been parallel to one another's, and all of our life lessons about health, spirituality, and wellness learned before meeting helped bring us together.
Coming from eclectic work backgrounds with 40 years combined in the food and beverage industry and common health goals, "BE" came together and formed the idea of "Pure Pawsitivity™️" during all the 2020 pandemic life changes.

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Bobby considers Arizona his home, even though he spent many years of his childhood with family in upstate New York and Michigan. His family owned a Centennial Farm in Hemlock, Michigan, where he would spend summers with his Granny and Papa. There he grew up learning how to grow natural fruits and vegetables in pure soil, and the flavors of fresh, organic, unsprayed whole produce were branded into his memory forever. He noticed the dramatic taste differences in our foods from state to state through those years growing up. He also saw how his body was affected differently based on what he was eating and the actual quality of the foods.
Along with many Americans, Bobby struggled with a balanced diet, leading to health and weight management issues. After a stint in the Army after 9/11, he spent years using his learned military fitness techniques, such as running, push-ups, sit-ups, and other trial-and-error fads or trendy diets he could try on himself. By listening to what his body needed, he realized that we all lack nutrients from the absence of pure, whole foods. So, he started to educate himself on the industrial food chain and how it produces mass amounts of modified foods, causing severe health problems around the country and causing severe issues in nature with our rivers, oceans, and soil. These experiences helped him make noticeable changes in his health and fitness regime that have helped him finally get control of his weight. He now understands all the health benefits of sourcing high-quality whole foods and cooking them properly for maximum nutrient absorption. This is what eventually guided him down the path toward the benefits of purées! Pure Pawsitivity™️ is a fun, tasty, easily digestible product that makes it easier and healthier to absorb all those good nutrients we all need!

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Edan is an Arizona native who has watched the city of Phoenix grow from the early '80s to today. Edan also spent years of her childhood with her family in Iowa and participated in their education system. Coming from the desert, Edan saw big differences in the diets and foods offered in the Midwest vs. the Southwest. Although there were vast lands filled with CORN, Iowa could grow anything...unlike the solid grounds of Arizona.

Edan developed dietary issues at age 3, but she and her family could not find a specialist who knew what was wrong. After many tests and hundreds of allergic pricks, the doctors still found nothing, so Edan had to manage her diet by herself and learn to listen to her body as she matured. Edan was diagnosed with diverticulitis and IBS by an Acupuncturist, but no medical doctor has ever been able to give her a clear diagnosis of her very serious ailments. That is when she began her lifelong journey of learning what to cut out of her diet and what to keep. She had to undergo multiple oral surgeries along with stomach issues, which made eating food even more challenging. Throughout her years working around chefs in restaurants, and cooking at home with Bobby, she has realized her passion for making healthy soups and purées. Purées are simply the best option for her, as they skip the chewing process, which is the MOST important process of digesting for her. She has noticed a huge shift in her weight management and overall physical and mental health by adding these properly prepped purées to her lifestyle.

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We are committed to gathering these fruits and vegetables (gleaning) from reliable sources to help use the excess foods that farms are not able to sell, yet are still filled with delicious nutrients! We hope to help with hunger issues that are going on everywhere and eliminate food waste.

pure puree leaf

Pure Pawsitivity™️ is for dogs and cats of all ages! Pure Pawsitivity™️ is aimed to help our furry, four-legged friends get all the healthy nutrients they so badly need. Pet food manufacturers are known for cooking foods at ridiculously high temperatures. This process allows them to use low-quality foods and still mention that they are included in the ingredients. Unfortunately, when pet foods are cooked at high temperatures, you lose most of the nutrients and our pets don't receive the vitamins and minerals they need. With Pure Pawsitivity™️, you can simply add it to your pet's kibble (if you must, we strongly suggest cooking for your beloved fur babies) to give it a tasty, nutritional kick for your best friend! 

Pure Love, 

~ BE